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Jan M. Seabaugh

Jan M. Seabaugh is a Certified Brain Injury Specialist who educates patients, caregivers, attorneys, and clinicians on identifying symptoms of traumatic brain injury ("TBI") and gives specific information about the appropriate professionals to see for evaluation and treatment of each symptom type.

Jan Sebaugh

Patients or Caregivers

If you've had lingering symptoms after an accident or injury, and suspect you have a TBI (Concussion or Traumatic Brain Injury), Jan provides a symptom checklist for you to fill out and take to your doctor for proper diagnosis and treatment.

She can also provide help if you’ve been diagnosed with a TBI, and received some treatment, but still have lingering symptoms.

Here are the options for getting this valuable information from Jan:

  • For her book How to Recover from Your Concussion/Brain Injury: The 10 Most Common Symptoms Following Concussion/Traumatic Brain Injury and Practical Steps for Finding the Right Treatment, click the “TBI Book” tab above.
  • For those who prefer watching/listening to the information, click the “Online Course” tab above.
  • For individual coaching with Jan, click the “Individual Coaching” tab above.

Click the "For Patients and Caregivers" tab above.


If you would like to know more about TBI, or would like to know more about your client's TBI and what is need for their case, click on the "Consulting" tab above.


If you would like to know more about TBI, click on the "Consulting" button above.

Jan is also available for speaking engagements and podcasts.

Contact her at [email protected] or fill in the contact form.

Let's find you the right treatment for your brain injury!

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How to Recover from Your Concussion/Brain Injury Book


How to Recover from Your Concussion/Brain Injury:  The 10 Most Common Symptoms Following Concussion/Traumatic Brain Injury and Practical Steps for Finding the Right Treatment

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Online Courses

In the TBI Gold course, you will learn the most common symptoms, and specific professionals to see for treatment.  Optional individual and group coaching available with the Platinum course.

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Individual Coaching

For those who prefer discussing your symptoms, diagnoses and treatment so far or need to know what steps to take next, click below for information on 1-on-1 coaching with Jan!

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I'm Jan M. Seabaugh

I am a Certified Brain Injury Specialist with a Master’s degree in Psychology.  I’m also a licensed attorney.  I have worked on traumatic brain injury (TBI) cases for over 35 years, both as an attorney and as a clinician.  Most recently I was the assistant director of a brain injury clinic for over 13 years, where I evaluated and treated patients with mild, moderate, and severe TBI, along with a brain injury physician.  We also assisted in evaluating TBI patients’ current and future needs as part of their personal injury lawsuits.

 Although we helped so many patients over the years, we also had to turn away all those who could not afford our services.  But everywhere I went and told people what I did for a living, the response was inevitably, “I had a brain injury!” or “My family member had a brain injury!”  Those words were always followed by, “And we can’t find anyone to help us!”  Others told me that they did receive some treatment for their TBI, but they still had residual symptoms that were never properly treated. 

 In order to get the correct information out to as many people as possible, I formed The TBI Consultant, LLC.  My mission is to educate others on the most common symptoms following TBI, as well as to identify the appropriate type of specialist to see for treatment of each type of symptom. 

"I was in such a fog for 4 years.  With Jan's guidance and encouragement, I found the right doctors.  I got my life back!"

- Vivian T.

"Jan's knowledge, compassion and experience in guiding me as a caregiver of a TBI patient were an important part of the recovery process."

- Russ A., Former NFL player

"The TBI symptom descriptions explain a lot of what I still deal with today.  Had I seen Jan's information sooner, I would be in a different situation now!"

- Pam Noles

The TBI Academy

Let me put my years of experience to work so you don't have to experience years of work getting the right help!

Gold TBI Course

Learn to identify your TBI symptoms and the proper professional to see with this course.



Platinum TBI Course

In addition to the TBI course, you'll receive additional coaching and be part of a TBI support community.