The TBI Consultant, LLC

How to Recover from Your Concussion/Brain Injury: 

The 10 Most Common Symptoms Following Concussion/Traumatic Brain Injury and Practical Steps for Finding the Right Treatment

In this book, you will learn:

  • The criteria for diagnosing a TBI (did you have a TBI?)
  • Mindset and the stages of grief
  • The 10 most common symptom groups following TBI, complete with a comprehensive checklist and headache diary for you to take to your doctors
  • Website links for the specific professionals to see for treatment
  • Additional information on lawsuits
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“Information in this book is spot on to what I experienced after my traumatic brain injury from a car accident. I really wish I had met Jan earlier. Reading the symptoms in this book explains a lot of what I still deal with today. I just knew it was my brain, but now I know specifically what my problems are.

Even though I received care from a brain injury clinic, had I received the knowledge from Jan’s book sooner, I would be in a different situation now. I believe the information in this book would have really helped me reach a better new normal quicker as well as improved my financials. I am so glad that we are now connected through our coaching mentor.

I will be including information in my book and refer people to her for more assistance. If you or someone you know has a TBI, please read this book. You will be glad that you did. Thank you, Jan, for all that you are doing to help educate everyone about TBIs!”

Pam Noles,
Health & Resilience Coach, Abortion Recovery Coach, Author & Speaker

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