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Symptom Checklist

Download and print your free Symptom Checklist before you start going through the symptoms.  As you read about the description of the symptoms, check off the ones that you are experiencing.  Then bring the completed checklist to your doctor(s) to help them in making your diagnoses and deciding on a treatment plan. 

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Headache Diary

There are several different types of headaches, all with different causes and treatments.  After reading about the various headache types and symptoms, download and print your free Headache Diary.  Then, fill out the Headache Diary for 30 days and take the completed Headache Diary to your appointment with your headache specialist to help them diagnose the proper type(s) of headaches you are experiencing and to prescribe the proper treatment for your headache(s).

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Activity Log

Download and print out your free Activity Log.  This will help you and your healthcare providers figure out patterns and/or triggers for your symptoms.  Bring your completed Activity Log to your next doctor appointment.

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